Teaching opportunities:

- January 2011 -

At present there are no available positions.



Minimum requirements for teachers:

Future Perfect offers professional, client-centred courses of the highest quality, mostly in-company and either one-to-one or to small groups.
A very high degree of competence (and confidence) is essential - so only well-qualified and experienced candidates can be considered.

You will need:

- RSA Diploma TEFLA (or Cert. pass B), or equivalent (MEd; MA/MSc Linguistics etc).

- At least three years' professional TEFL experience, ideally including teaching abroad and in-company.

- Prior residence in Switzerland, along with a work permit.
(Bear in mind that any available work is almost certain to be part-time, particularly to begin with.)




Preferably by e-mail - for postal address etc see the Contact page.

Please include details of education, qualifications and previous experience.

(Postal CV's: please state if return required when no positions available.)





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