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I - Choose the best alternative.

  1: The meeting has been until next Wednesday.
  2: When you borrow money, you must pay on what you owe.
  3: He works as an .

  4: There has been a 20% increase in in the last year.
  5: He receives a(n) from his bank every month.
  6: The company a profit for the first time last year.

  7: The cost of living has .
  8: He replied to a newspaper , and applied for the job.
  9: The telephonist said he would put her .

10: The initial was less than half the final cost.
11: The Chairman has called a meeting of the of Directors.
12: He's applying for a(n) as a marketing manager.

13: She's been working to earn some money for her holiday .
14: If a company wants to raise money quickly, it may issue .
15: The of inflation has been increasing steadily.

II - Choose the best alternative.

Ian and Peter 16: tired of working for other people when they decided to start their own IT support company. Ian had a lot of experience and was an expert 17: computers, but knew 18: about business. Peter, 19:, had a lot of experience of dealing with people and organizations, though he knew almost nothing about the 20: side. They each invested their own money, and raised extra capital by taking out a bank 21:. They knew that the hardest part would be 22: the business, but were confident that they would eventually 23: a lot of money.

Look at the graph and choose the best alternative below.


24: "Slurpy" sales between February and March.
25: Compared to August, sales in September.
26: Sales 18000 litres in August.
27: In November and December, sales at 1000 litres.
28: In June, July and August, sales were 15000 litres .
29: Sales increased 5000 litres from June to July.
30: Sales decreased 4000 litres from September to October.

Unit Trust funds originated in the 1930s. Through these, small investors 31: their money and receive units, which represent a 32: of the total 33: in the fund. 34: are usually paid out twice a year. If investing, you should remember that past 35: is not necessarily a guide to the future - you could lose your money.

III - Read these letter extracts, then choose the best alternative.

"We 36:, of course, that we cannot always expect orders to arrive 37:. 38:, this order is now more than three months 39:, which is adversely affecting our production 40:."

"...and I 41: regret this unfortunate misunderstanding. 42: at an earlier date, many of these difficulties could have been 43:. 44: spoil the good 45: we have established over the years, it would be greatly disappointing."

"Dear Sir,
With reference to your advertisement in the September issue of Marketing Strategies, 46: send me further details and an 47: for the post of Research Assistant? Please find 48: a copy of my CV.
49: forward to hearing from you.
50:, ..."

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