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I: Choose the best alternative.

  1: He  in an office.
  2: There  much time.
  3: How  your sister?

  4: This train goes  Geneva.
  5: Tom  sing very well.
  6: It was a very  party.

  7: Shall I give your phone number?
  8: They usually TV in the evening.
  9 is that coat over there?

10: Please  me your name.
11: We've been waiting  an hour.
12: It isn't cold today as yesterday.

Jane and Peter 13: on holiday to Spain several times, and 14: again next year. Last year they 15: to Greece, but they 16:.

II: Choose the best alternative.

17: I'm looking my pen - I'm sure it was here.
18: They go to the bank because they have some money.
19: We aren't sure to go out or stay in this evening.

20: you hurry up, you'll miss the next train.
21: It's to rain at the weekend.
22: Be careful - if you that glass, it'll break.

I'm afraid she's 23: the office at the moment, and can't 24:. I don't know how long she'll be - it 25: the traffic. But we won't be able to 26: a decision on this until she 27: back.

28: I see those earrings, I can't help 29: about the day we first 30:. You 31: them when I came into the room. I 32: them immediately. I don't think I'll ever 33: that day - well, I certainly 34:!

III: Choose the best alternative.

35: If has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them later.
36: It's quite a long way from here. you a taxi, if you like.
37: Would you mind the door for me, please? Thanks very much.
38: I can't find my diary. I it behind.

39: We'd be able to see the full moon if it so cloudy tonight.
40: It's getting late - it's time we .
41: a little earlier, we could have tried to help.
42: I wish you so much.

IV: Read the text, then choose the best alternative.

...anyway, where was I? Oh yes, so the bloke's mate comes in, sees him sitting there grinning away, and wants to know what's going on.
"You're not going to believe this," he says, "but I've just finished a jigsaw, and it only took me a week."
"So what?"
"Well, it says 'three to five years' on the box.."
I know, I know - sorry! I said it would make you groan, but you wouldn't believe me...

43: The speaker is telling a .
44: The speaker is talking about .
45: At the beginning, 'the bloke' is very .
46: The reaction to the speaker is one of .

What have you done now? Come on, let me see.. oh, great. How did you manage to do that? You promised you'd be careful, you know it's not a toy...

47: A mother is her child.
48: She had previously said: "Be careful, you?"

It was raining, and did not look as if it was about to stop soon. Nevertheless, they decided to go out.

49: They thought it was unlikely that the rain would stop.
50: the rain, they went out.

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