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Other services

Future Perfect provides the full range of English language teaching and training services.
Along with these,
various others are available, including:

  Translation Services 
  ( including webpages/websites )  

  ( Documents, webpages etc )  

  Spanish for Beginners 
  ( A survival course in elementary Spanish! ) 


Course Vouchers:
( Gutscheine )
Now available: more info




Time & Energy Saving

How much is your time worth..?

An hour in English is 60 minutes; but an hour of English usually means 90-120 minutes of your time...
With Future Perfect, an hour is exactly that - 60 minutes of your time: simple!
And courses in your company or home mean no travelling - no trams, no trains, no traffic:
no stress.


A certain time on a specific day, every week, to study English..?
Regular classes give a rhythm to your learning, and would be ideal... but this is the real world.
What if you need to change the day or time, or postpone a class? And holidays..?
No problem!
Future Perfect provides total flexibility - your course is built around your schedule.

So a course of 12 classes does not mean -
'12 weeks, with 8 or 9 classes, maybe...'
- it means 12 classes!

Personalised Services

All courses begin with a detailed analysis of your language needs, to help determine your objectives and learning priorities.
The course is then designed with your specific needs always in mind.
And the analysis is ongoing - there is continual feedback during the course to enable 'fine-tuning' and improvement.
This way you learn more of what you need to know, and faster.

Interesting & Fun

You learn better when you're interested in what you're doing and enjoying yourself - motivation is the key!
So classes are speaking-based, as far as possible using the time to use the language, intensively, and make the fastest possible progress.




I'm Anoop Chawda, from Bournemouth - England's second-largest centre (after London) for English Language Teaching.
I have a degree (BA Hons) in Politics with English, and the RSA Certificate in TEFLA (from the ITTC), along with further qualifications.
In 1988 I began my professional teaching career, and a year later went to Madrid, Spain, until 1993.
During this time I set up and ran the Business English department of a medium-large school, and in 1991 became a successful freelance.
After teaching in Bournemouth again, at one of the best schools (the RLC), I moved to Switzerland in 1995 and worked part-time in various schools.
In 1998 I set up Future Perfect.




Future Perfect is built on many years of wide-ranging and extensive experience in every area of ELT. For example, this includes:

- teaching at every level, from Absolute Beginner to Proficiency, and to ages ranging from 4 to 72 years old

- teaching more than 70 different nationalities

- teaching for many different exams, with an exceptionally high rate of success

- in-company Business English since 1989

- specialization in both one-to-one teaching and Business English since 1990

- teacher-training (Business workshops, demonstration classes etc)

- course, testing and materials design and development

For a few examples of business and other people I've worked with, click below:
International Client List




TEACHERS: Are you well-qualified, highly experienced and interested in working with
Future Perfect..?