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Courses are based on five language levels.

In general:

Lower level courses concentrate more on basic structures (such as the Present Simple, verb forms, word order and so on).
Intermediate courses emphasise vocabulary-building. The end of the Upper-Intermediate stage is approximately First Certificate exam level.
Advanced courses (up to Proficiency level) focus on more complex - usually written - structures.

For examples of levels follow these links:

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Level Test - General
Level Test - Business
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A 'typical' course:
( example )

- 12 x 1.5 hours; renewable
( or:  10/12/15  x   1/1.5/2 hours....)
- 1 class per week; nominal
( '12 classes' means '12 classes', not '12 weeks'.)

Intensive courses (3+ h/wk) are also available.

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General English

These courses usually consist of speaking-based classes (using the target language), along with self-study (exercises etc).
In this way confidence is quickly increased and the fastest progress can be made.

 Refresher Courses (intensive practice courses to reactivate forgotten vocabulary), and
Maintenance Courses (designed to maintain your level of English - 'use it or lose it'!) are available.
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General English courses can also be customised by adding components of Business or Special courses.
And you can now customise your course even further - see Themes below.

It's General English, but it's your course!
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Business English

More than words..
Future Perfect Business courses are designed to be truly value-adding to clients.

They emphasise both progress maximization and operational capability - the ability to do actual work in English.

Real progress
Dynamic and innovative methodology, using authentic language, materials and situations, and taking full advantage of real-environment learning opportunities.
Components of Special Areas (such as e-Business) may also be included in these courses.
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Real work, in English
Learn while you work! Re-defining boundaries, setting up genuine tasks to be executed in English - at the leading edge of development in Business language teaching.
(See Specific Purposes below for more info.)



Special Courses


Courses are available for the following
Cambridge exams:

Intermediate Upper-Int. Advanced Proficiency
BEC 1 BEC 2 BEC 3  
( *FCE - First Certificate   /  *BEC - Business exams )

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Specific Purposes

These courses provide a language input exactly tailored to the client's needs.

At the consulting stage, an extensive and detailed business language needs analysis is made.
This is used to identify specific operational functions and language areas, and to determine linguistic and operational objectives.

The course can therefore directly target the specific requirements of the client, making maximum use of authentic work-related materials.

It may also be possible to include sessions of real work (such as in-house meetings, or individual tasks), to be undertaken in English - learning and working, at the same time.

A whole new world of opportunity...


Special Areas

These courses - or components of courses - concentrate on certain business areas and/or specific skills training.

Areas include, for example;
e-Business (ISPs, webdesign, e-commerce etc) /
Technology (IT, telecommunications etc) /
Sales and Advertising / Management.

Skills include, again for example;
Presentations / Telephoning / Client Contact.
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More Future Perfect innovation!

Special courses developed around thematic interest areas.
Business English can be customised to suit the client's needs - these courses allow you to customise your General English learning.

Some possible themes:
- CV's and Job Applications in English
- Strategic and Operational Thinking (management)
- Using the Internet
- Astronomy / Cosmology (or related areas)...

...the possibilities are almost endless, of course.
But if you have a suggestion for a course theme that would interest you, it will be seriously considered.



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